Always There Electric

Electrical services are an essential part of home and business maintenance. Having a reliable and experienced electrician on hand can mean the difference between experiencing a minor inconvenience, or dealing with costly repairs down the line. That’s why it’s so reassuring to use the Always There Electric service team that is not only highly qualified, but also friendly, approachable and trustworthy to get the job done right.

Always There Electric is here to offer friendly service, professional advice and use quality materials, as these are all essential components of ensuring that your electrical needs are taken care of properly. With the right professionals on your side, there’s no need to worry about electricity-related issues in the future!


Always There Electric Installation

Residential Electric
Commercial Electric
New Construction
GFCI Installation
Interior & Exterior Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Pool & Spa Pumps – Power Supply
Pool & Spa Heaters – Power Supply
Appliances – Power Supply
HVAC Equipment – Power Supply
Surge Protection
And More!…

Always There Electric Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs

Faulty Wiring
GFCI Repair
Weather/Storm Damage
Breaker Panel Repair
Generator Repair
Electrical Inspections
Code Corrections
Electric Panel Upgrade
Corroded Terminals Repair
Dimmer Switches
And More!…

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